James B. McCarthy


Flyin' Singin'

by James McCarthy

Released 1999
Released 1999
Songs that have roots (feels like home) and wings (feels like liftoff) is the motto here - craft them well then let it fly: folk, jazzy, rock, present and powerful.
Each inspiration calls for its own form, its own setting. I write the music so it fits the words and find the words to fit the harmonic or melodic inspiration. Then play and play and play as the song finds its feet then its wings and lifts off into the air of the ears.
The songs span a gamut in other words, no apologies. But at heart I am a folk player with an improvisational sensibility. I play a Custom Martin OM-28 who redesigned the bracing and had Martin make a limited number. I have had it since 1990. i studied voice with Frank Baker of Bennington College, a true genius of musical insight. I play at museums, in bars, for kids parties and for large street shows. I enjoy all kinds of music but especially the vocal athleticism of early Van Morrison, the unerring gritty wildness of everyone on the Harry Smith collection and the architectural grandeur of Brahm's Requiem. Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. You can do it but its still writing. Please listen. And thanks for doing so.